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On Sunday, June 22, 2003, at 01:52  PM, Patrick Giagnocavo 
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> when rich people get sick, they come to the USA to get treatment.
> They don't go to Japan or Sweden.

Many also go to private practices on Harley Street in London.

>> U.S., and Germany. Of the 13 countries compared, only Germany ranked 
>> lower
>> overall than the U.S.
> Explain why this is then?

Probably that pesky integration of the former [GD]DR.

> I grew up in Canada and MUCH prefer pretty much everything about the
> USA, including the *FREEDOM* to choose my own health care plan.

I grew up in the UK (after being born in the US), and I prefer the 
healthcare over here, but only because I'm well paid and work for an 
organization with very good health coverage options.  If was unemployed 
or poorly paid I'd probably have a different point of view.


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