[rescue] Vaxen

Dan Williams dan.williams at btconnect.com
Sun Jun 22 05:48:34 CDT 2003

I have not had good luck today with ebay, I bought a 4000-300 with a 
r400 disk e xpansion,  but it is actually just two r4000 one empty and 
the other has 7  drives in it but the one with all the drives in it has 
4000-300 written on the case.  I'm guessing that I can't make any use 
out of these drives with a vaxstation ?. Whats worse it took me nearly 6 
hours and a day off work to go and pick them up, and their not light 
when caried up three flights of stairs. Even if the seller agrees to a 
refund it will be another day off work to take them back. Does anyone in 
the uk know where I can find another 7 dssi drives to fill up the other 
one and any machine with a dssi interface.


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