[rescue] SparcCenter 2000E on Ebay

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Sat Jun 21 22:06:02 CDT 2003

On Sat, Jun 21, 2003 at 09:51:32PM -0500, Eric Dittman wrote:
> > > Come to think of it, Philly rates as an armpit.
> > 
> > Well, the cheesesteaks are nice (I prefer sliced steak, not "chopped",
> > like Pat's & Geno's)
> Have you seen the Jack in the Box commercial where
> Jack send the intern to Philly to learn all he can?

Jack in the Box's "cheesesteak" is wretched.

Now Jersey Mike's, on the other hand, makes a damn fine cheesesteak.
Except they don't have horseradish.

The best cheesesteaks I've ever had are still Calvin's.  Calvin was this
old black guy, say 120 or so, who operated a little hole-in-the-wall
cheesesteak place a couple of doors down from the Towne Theater on the
Alameda in San Jose.  The place was maybe ten feet wide by fifty deep,
the the cheesesteaks were incredible.  Sadly, he retired about 1992.
His kids started up a big flashy cheesesteak place over towards Santa
Clara, bith him as "advisor", but it turned out that what they meant by
"advisor" was he should do all the work while they stood around trying
to look busy.  This didn't fly with Calvin, and as soon as he washed his
hands of it (which was about three or four months), the place folded.

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