[rescue] [swap] FREE & FS: Pre-PPCs, PPCs, NeXTs, more (fwd)

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Fri Jun 20 19:43:17 CDT 2003

I thought some of the folks on rescue might be interested
in this message I rec'd this on the LEM swap list.  The
author said it was OK to forward it out.  He said he has
had some interest in the NeXTs, but I don't think he has
a good idea of their value.

Good rescuing...


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Date: Thursday, June 19, 2003 5:48 PM -0400
From: Jason <cottony at mailandnews.com>
To: LEM Swap List <lem-swap at mail.maclaunch.com>
Subject: [swap] FREE & FS: Pre-PPCs, PPCs, NeXTs, more

LEM-Swap is for buying & selling Mac stuff. It is not a discussion list.

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postings, feedback, and dispute resolution.

I  have a lot of Macs and related gear to get rid of ASAP.  Been paying to
store these for *way* too long.

Hoping you can pick up. I'm in suburban Maryland just north of Washington
D.C.  Shipping would be a hassle, but I want to find these a home, so if
there's  something you really want, let me know.  Zip is 20901.

Most are free.  Any prices listed are OBO.  Make me an offer, take 'em away.

The Early Years
* Apple //c, IIe, (4) IIgs (some with "Woz" signature), AppleColor monitor
* Mac SE/30 with Radius video card, (2) Mac Plus, Mac Classic
* PowerBook 180
* Quadra 630, (2) Quadra 650, (2) Quadra 840av

Unique Macs:
* (2) Quadra 950 - $offer
     [one with PPC upgrade card and (128MB?) magneto-optical drive]
* (6) Mac IIfx, incl. some rare IIfx RAM

PowerPC machines:
* PowerMac 6100/60av, 6100/66 - $10
* PowerMac 7100 - $15
* PowerMac 8100 - $15
* Sonnet G3 (266?) upgrade for 6100/7100/8100 - $offer
* PowerMac 7300-family (my favorites) - $20
* PowerMac 8500 (a/v) - $25
   (will include some 8M SIMMS/DIMMs if you need them)

* NeXT slabs, color and b&w models, most/all with RAM&HD - $offer
* NeXT cubes, most/all with RAM&HD - $offer
     [some have NeXT Dimension boards, some 2Mb floppy, some M-O drive]

* AAUI-to-RJ45 adapters - $3
* ADB Keyboard (mostly Extended Kbd II) - $2
* ADB mice (old style, rectangular) - $2

* LaserWriter IIg (w/ethernet!) - $offer
* (2) ImageWriter II  (plus I'll throw in a box o' dot matrix paper!)
* StyleWriter & StyleWriter II
* Big-ass NEC 21" monitor for PC/Mac - $offer
* SuperMac STD-9790 19" Trinitron monitor
* SuperMac 19" Trinitron  [not sure if it works, nothing visibly blown
inside] * (3) AppleVision 17" monitors  [broken I think, these are my
favorites when  the damn things work]
* 12" and 13" Mac monitors - ask for details

* assorted NuBus cards (video, ethernet, etc) - $2 or free, ask
* NuBus Fast-SCSI card (Atto SiliconExpress, I think) - $offer
* misc. cables (SCSI, Mac video, etc) - $cheap or free, ask
* external SCSI chassis - some hold 4 drives, one holds 6+ - $offer

I also have some other stuff: a differential SCSI setup, PCM digital audio
processors with Super Beta Hifi decks, and some VHS decks for parts.  write
me  for details.

Condition: Unless otherwise noted, these are all "working when I last
checked"  but their official designation is "as is".

Again, prices are negotiable.  If you can come to my storage locker with an
empty vehicle, I'll be *very* open to negotiation. :)

Thanks for reading.  Wish I hadn't waited so many years before posting.


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