[rescue] A bit of Fun

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Fri Jun 20 19:01:55 CDT 2003

> See, I've heard complaints about 8500 and 8600's, but I never saw one.
> I really agree with you, though.  I love my 7500, which I've had since
> they were new.  It was the first time I opened a computer and got all
> excited.  The drives are a bit annoying, but I do so like the fold out
> stuff.
The 8500 sucks when it comes to do any sort of memory upgrade to it, you
have to take all the PCI and processor carrier boards, disconnect all
plugs in/out of the mobo and you are not even half done by then. Quite a
retarded design really.

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