[rescue] VSIMM for SS10SX same as for SS20?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri Jun 20 16:39:33 CDT 2003

"From: "Earl D. Baugh Jr." <earl at baugh.org>
"Are the VSIMM's for a SS20 the same as the VSIMM's for a SS10SX?

not, according to memoryx.

"Also, looking at the SS10SX I have, whether it could take TWO VSIMM's


"(it looks like there are two VSIMM slots....)  The configuration manual's
"weren't all that clear if I could put 2 4mb (and be equivalent to 1 8mb)


"(they do mention that you need an "AVB (Auxiliary Video Board) card"
"(which I suspect isn't something easily found...) if I put a VSIMM in slot 5.

very rare, much harder to find than ss20 avb.

"(does this mean you get 2 cgfourteens?)


"It SOUNDS like one should load the biggest VSIMM in the one slot...

i'd sure like to have a 10sx...  anyone in the ne corner of the
hemisphere got one collecting dust?
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