[rescue] SparcCenter 2000E on Ebay

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 15:35:37 CDT 2003

--- Andrew Weiss <ajwdsp at cloud9.net> wrote:

> I wish electricity was free/came out of my taxes... that way
> even if I used a lot it'd still cost the same.

WOW - that is a facinating statement...

If electricity was free, there would be no motivation to persue more
efficient machinery...

That's right up there with socialized medicine being "cheaper" because
it comes from the government!

If you want cheap electricity, move near a Dam (Hoover?) or a
still-active nuclear plant (Three Mile Island?) - they have low-priced


"Nothing would please me more than being able to hire ten
programmers and deluge the hobby market with good software"
Bill Gates, in "An OpenLetter to Hobbyists" dated February 3, 1976

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