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Fri Jun 20 11:58:18 CDT 2003

I agree about the micro-vax 2000. I spent 20 minutes trying to find out how to open the case only to pick it up and have the inside fall out on my foot.
And it is very heavy.

"Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." <rescue at hawkmountain.net> wrote:
>From: dittman at dittman.net (Eric Dittman)
>> I have to chime in late here. I nominate the DEC MicroVAX-2000 (also 
>> VAXstation-2000) chassis for the worst case design. Its worst feature 
>> is the near impossibility of getting the outer case off and back on 
>> again. It is a major pain in the pasty symmetrical cheekage.
>The thrill of a lunchbox-sized VAX (well, a big
>lunchbox) combined with the fear of having to
>open the damn thing.

I've got one right here I recently aquired (had to build the special
console cable for a serial console).... I opened it and put it back
together.... while it wasn't as easy as they could have made it, I 
didn't find it THAT bad.... I've been inside worse but I can't 
give specific examples.... except most were PC boxes (one was an
older Compaq desktop... upgrading the drive or memory (can't recall
which) was a major excercise in anger management)).

-- Curt

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