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>For the record, I am NOT defending OR recommending John, neither am I 
>condemning him.
>I have had a couple of good experiences with him, and one outstanding one.  
>In all cases, I knew what I was buying.
>> Big Mike has also vouched for Mr. Bodo to me IIRC, and I respect both
>> you and Big Mike--so I wish Bodoman well and I might even buy from him
>> again.  But the next purchase wouldn't be a $10k computer..
>I would HOPE that someone getting ready to spend $10K on USED HARDWARE of 
>any description from ANY source would take care to inform themselves on the 
>nature of the beast in question, and where possible, lay eyes and hands on 
>the merchandise.  I know that I would.
>Simply stated, I don't want to see people dissing ANY vendor on heresay.

Hello all

Because Mr Bodo does not subscribe to this list, and therefore cannot answer any criticisms raised, I intend this post only as a statement of record. I do _not_ wish to restart a dialog on this subject.

Having conducted earlier telephone and email correspondence with Mr Bodo, I concluded that his company (unixsurplus.com) was equipped to supply me with what I needed. On May 29 I placed an order which outlined the system specification I required. Since I was arranging this order on behalf of a 3rd party, I made arrangements with them to deliver and install the system on Monday June 9th (I was told that Unixsurplus had the equipment I required in stock). Two days after placing the order I confirmed the configuration and waited patiently for two weeks expecting an invoice or wire transfer instructions to be sent. Nothing ever came through and no reasons were given for the delay. 

Since the system was (by this stage) four days late and there were no apparent signs of progress, I had no option but to make some emergency calls to arrange for an alternative supplier. Atlantix Global (a division of Solarcom in Norcross, GA) took my order late on Friday 13th. They worked through the weekend reconfiguring a NIB base system and had it delivered to me in New Zealand on Wednesday 18th. The system was delivered to my client on the morning of Thursday 19th - three weeks after my order and ten days later than planned. 

This whole experience has made me _very_ unhappy. Your mileage may vary.



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