[rescue] 1600SW and refresh rates

Tim H. lists at pellucidar.net
Thu Jun 19 23:48:27 CDT 2003

On 17 Jun 2003 19:48:31 -0500
Dan Sikorski <me at dansikorski.com> wrote:

> Anyone else get annoyed by flicker on fine patterns on an LCD that's
> running at 60hz?  My laptop (dell inspirion 8200 with "ultrasharp"
> display) flickers obnoxiously on images that contain horizontal lines
> that are one pixel tall.  (sorry, can't find an example atm)
> 	-Dan Sikorski

since I am running an 8200 w/ ultraharp right now, my guess would be
either non-optimal resolution (physical pixel grid is 1600x1200) or
maybe you actually have a problem, or maybe you have eyes that just
happen to see a frequency harmonic the display uses.  I make it a
practice on digital LCDs to always run at physical resolution.  In fact,
1600x1200 is the reason I bought this laptop.


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