[rescue] A bit of Fun

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Thu Jun 19 14:52:22 CDT 2003

--On Wednesday, June 18, 2003 11:31 PM -0700 Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez 
<lefa at ucsc.edu> wrote:

> As a poor SOB that had to take memory in and out of a 20, I can tell you:
> ALOT. For starters the fulcrums used to pry the simms lose are so darn
> close to the wall of the machine that it is impossible to anyone with
> normal fingers to exert pressure withough getting blisters.

And there's nothing like having an older SS20 out of a DC that's been
running for a long time so the plastic is brittle...then the fulcrums
break off. :-(  I use a pen to push on the fulcrums...my fingers fit,
but I don't like smashing them up.

But they are not as bad as the old processor/memory boards for the
Sparc Center 1000.  If the memory tabs broke off on those, the memory
wouldn't stay seated in the slot!  (I know a sys admin who zipped
tied the memory down, then called in an SE b/c the machine kept
getting memory errors and spurious crashes...boy did his boss flame
him. :-)


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