[rescue] peecee motherboards [was: Mac rescue]

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Thu Jun 19 09:37:29 CDT 2003

"From: "Jeffrey J. Nonken" <jeff_work at nonken.net>
"PeeCee motherboards dying is hardly an unusual phenomenon. The
"problem with this Packard Bell thingy, like my old Compaq, was that
"they have a custom layout and can't be replaced except by buying from
"the manufacturer, assuming PB (or Compaq) will even sell you a
"replacement. Otherwise Joe would have replaced the motherboard (or
"had me or another computer savvy friend do it) and kept on going.

you're talking about the 'lpx' spec mb, with the bus riser card?  this
was an industry crypto-std back in the mid-late '90s; in addition to
pb and compaq it was also used by hp, ibm, and gateway among others.
intem oemed many of them, and made the fastest 'name brand' board in
this shape, the db440fx [slot 1, 3*128M sdram, usb], around '98 or so.
mrbios.com lists an updated bios for it.

i haven't been able to locate a refurbs vendor though, but i did find
a vendor of pb mbs; alas, they never used the db440fx.

yes, i'm trying to help a friend resurrect his old pb tower, with a
metal case and 90MHz p1.  he got it for pennies at a business auction.
i figure a db440fx -shouldn't- cost more than ~$60-80, in which case
he could be on the air with a 400MHz celeron for <$100.

there are clone lpx boards with p3s, but for some reason they make me
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