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>On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>> mmm... what is wrong with the location of the memory slots ????
>As a poor SOB that had to take memory in and out of a 20, I can tell you:
>ALOT. For starters the fulcrums used to pry the simms lose are so darn
>close to the wall of the machine that it is impossible to anyone with
>normal fingers to exert pressure withough getting blisters (I have got
>actual blisters from putting SIMMs in and out of a 20). The the VISM which
>is so long that it is a pain in the nect to exert the necessary torque
>until it comes off. And then it is so damn close to the MBUS....

Yes, those levers are quite inconvenient....

>This is because I have like 10 20s in my garage and I had to spend a whole
>afternoon doing inventory to see which parts worked and which didn't and
>let me tell you my fingers still hurt!!!!

Well.... I'd call that an exagerated situation as most people would not
be doing more than a few of these at a time.... but if your doing many
of them... I can see blisters forming :-)

>Oh, and I hated those parallel tandem sbus slots :)

you mean the stacked sbus and mbus slots ?  sometimes they do create
a bit of a hassle.... but the amoung of stuff that they allowed in such
a small space is quite nice.... cdrom, floppy, 4 sbus cards, 2 sbus
modules, and two hard drives.... that surpassed the 10 with all of
that but minus the cd-rom drive....  although I think the cooling was
a bit better on the SS10 (3 fans vs 2).

-- Curt

>OTher than that the machine is fine I guess.....
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