[rescue] OS/2 anyone?

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Jun 18 06:08:42 CDT 2003

On Wednesday 18 June 2003 02:44, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> > I always wondered why OS/2 never caught on.
> Marketing.  Their ads sucked.  They tried to push it off as "cool"
> instead of "runs your business and moves big rocks".  The IBM PC Company
> didn't have the balls to load it -instead- of 'doze on systems.  They'd
> load both, set the system to boot DOS/'doze, and disable the boot
> manager, so most people didn't even know they had it installed.

In fact I wonder why IBM didn't try to push OS/2 harder to the customer
(bsiness/home user) since Billy boys' Really Popular OS's (I mean those that
were at least halfway 32-bit) came on the market

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