[rescue] Perverse Question

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Wed Jun 18 02:37:58 CDT 2003

Dave McGuire wrote:
> > Not particularly pertinent, since you can have incompetent people
> > operating UNIX systems just as easily.
>    You seem to have missed the point:
>    IT BROKE.

Uhm. eBays honking big-iron broke too. And that's not because of faulty
admins, but because of bad design. (The well-known cache issues)
But should we consider those as exceptions from the rule, just because
it's a Sun-sticker on the front?

Just stop this utterless garbage. I for one can stand up and say that I
find _major_ confidence in the x86-machines I run (NOT WINDOWS) here at
work, in production. Not a single one has died upon me in over three
years and I'm happy. A $5,000 x86 machine against a $10,000 Alpha makes
descisions hard, you know.
When I come to think of it... Not ONE server has gone kaput, but several
(cheaper) desktops has. As well as for the SGI-gear, only the Octanes
has failed once in their lifetime, but the Origin just keeps going and
That doesn't keep me from running big Alphas that does it's intended job
MUCH faster and even more stable than the x86-boxes. Heck, If I wanted a
big DB-enviroment, I'd run away as fast as I could from x86-hardware. In
the meantime, I'd definitly lean towards it when it comes down to
webservices, SMTP, DNS, NTP and all those nifty little things you'd need
in your network.

Don't just rule out EVERY x86 hardware "just because" you've had your
share of bad experiences. I've been there as well with bad designed
parts, faulting hardware, exceptionally low performance and yadda yadda.
When it comes down to it, it's often price that separates the diamonds
from the coalchunks, and spending your money on the right hardware for
the job can make your life a lot less painful. We've found these
x86-machines to *reliable*, and therefore we stick to this manufacturer.
As simple as that.
(Noone on this earth should even consider "building a server", for
It's just like every other areas in our world - you get what you pay
for, but some things CAN be good even for a low price. (Not counting

Bah. Can we stop the bashing already?


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