[rescue] Re: loud fans

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Tue Jun 17 20:37:09 CDT 2003

>>>I was wondering if anyone here knew how to solve this problem.  My
>>>Sun Ultra 2 has extremely loud power supply fans, and I could've
>>>sworn they used to be quieter about a month or so ago (???).
>>  Using a pencil, or some other suitable object, stop each fan in
>>turn (temporarily!) and see if you can find the loud one.  Replace.
>>Repeat if more than one is loud.
> Just remember that a finger is not always a suitable object for stopping a fan :-)
> A consulting engineer at my father's factory was comissioning some heavy industrial machinery. The machine's motors spun up and everything seemed to be working fine. 
> The engineer turns to my father and says "I think we need to install a machinery guard here to keep the production staff safe". To illustrate the unsafe area, the engineer turned around and pointed at an uncovered intake fan...which promptly cut off the end of his index finger.

Once I talked to a Dell tech about a hard drive problem we had in a new 
machine from them. It was starting to *scream* after a couple of months. 
I described the sound to him, and he asked me how I knew it wasn't the 
power supply fan. I told him that I knew it wasn't the PS because the 
noise didn't stop when I stuck a pencil into the PS fan to stop it. He 
hesitated and told me that while that "wasn't the preferred method" he 
did then believe that it was the hard drive...


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