[rescue] loud fans

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Tue Jun 17 19:22:34 CDT 2003

   Ryan Thoryk, in a plea for help, asks:

> I was wondering if anyone here knew how to solve this problem.  My
> Sun Ultra 2 has extremely loud power supply fans, and I could've
> sworn they used to be quieter about a month or so ago (???).

   Using a pencil, or some other suitable object, stop each fan in
turn (temporarily!) and see if you can find the loud one.  Replace.
Repeat if more than one is loud.

> My SGI Indigo2 is really quiet compared to this machine... 

   The fans are more deeply buried....

> [...] anyway, is there a way to change the fan speeds [...]

   No.  I do not believe so.

> or replace the fans (this would also be good info for people owning
> older machines with insanely loud fans).  

   Get the part number from the label on the hub and cross-reference.
If the label is missing, obscured by crud, or otherwise available,
measure frame width and depth and find the DC voltage and look up
a suitable replacement.

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