[rescue] Field expedient power cord adaptation 101

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Tue Jun 17 18:22:47 CDT 2003

Dang ...  I deleted that message just too soon.


When unable to find a matching power cord for something, I have
occasionally resorted to the following procedure:

Find a regular power cord that's close to right.  With a sharp knife
and/or a Dremel tool, carefully dissect the equipment end of the cord,
being careful not to damage the connectors or cut the wires. Modify the
exposed connectors with needle-nose pliers as necessary to fit the pins
on the equipment.  Thoroughly coat the ENTIRE INSIDE of the receptacle,
INCLUDING THE PINS, with a suitable mold-release compound (at a pinch,
you can use liquid car wax), attach the connectors, and cast a new
connector body in-place using RTV silicone rubber and/or automotive body
putty (Bondo etc).  If you're in any doubt about how well the receptacle
is sealed, you may want to line it with a small baggie before plugging
the connectors on.

If using RTV silicone, unplug with great care -- its mechanical strength
leaves something to be desired.  For a little reinforcement, mold in a
wrapped layer of the webbing-like patching tape sold by hardware stores
for patching wallboard or the glass webbing available from auto parts
stores for use with Bondo.  Make sure you don't leave voids inside the
webbing, or your new plug will just pull off the connectors.

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