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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Tue Jun 17 14:28:28 CDT 2003

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 01:06:39PM -0400, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> > I think you just have to change your approach.
> True, sometimes it's just a matter of approach.  I just can't seem to
> find the right one.  Let me state, too, that in this context I'll be the
> first person to admit that my jobhunting skills frankly suck 18-wheelers
> through capillary tubing.

I don't think its approach though: I think the situation simply sucks.

Your approach hardly matters when there are N/50 jobs for N workers.

They are picking the bottom of the barrel, because they are

> That's the sort of situation I've been looking for.  It seems though
> that about 90% of what comes up is large datacenters, and there seems to
> be this catch-22 -- especially in the current job market -- that no-one
> will hire you to work in a large 24x7 datacenter until you have experience
> working in a large 24x7 datacenter.  

Yep... but that's HR's fault mostly.  They sit there with a checklist,
and if they can't check off N out of M of them, they reject you.

They never consider what you might learn, and have no idea, for example,
that SunOS 5 is the same as Solaris 2, or that both are much the same as
UNIX anywhere.

> > And, if you're in the mid-west, or want to be, let me know.  We're not
> > "always hiring", but it's a smart, private company that has the good sense
> > to hire good people when it can find 'em.
> I have no philosophical objection to the midwest.  And none of us are
> really doing well in North Carolina's humidity ...

My problem right now is that I can't afford to move, and so far no jobs
offered outside my area will pay for relocation.

What really sucks is that some of them have been for as little as 2
weeks to 2 months.  If I have to get a hotel for that time period, I
will barely take anything home with me at all.

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