[rescue] NeXT & Sun Monitor

James Rice jrice54 at charter.net
Tue Jun 17 13:46:59 CDT 2003

This is true of the connector at the slab.  The "Y" cable has 2 male 
13w3 connectors abd a male D19 shell connector.  One of the 13W3's 
connects to the slab, the other to the monitor.  The D19 connects to the 
soundbox.  Without the sound box, no keyboard, no mouse and no power on 
signal to the slab.  No monitor connects directly to the slab without 
interposing the soundbox.  Connecting a Sun monitor directly to a slab 
will let all of the magic smoke out.

You can use either a ABD or a non-ADB sound box with the same Y cable 
and the proper keyboard and mouse to match.

> 13W3 Pinout of the NeXT video port:
> Pin	Function
> 1	+12V
> 2	Monitor power switch
> 3	Monitor clock
> 4	Monitor data out
> 5	Monitor data in
> 6	-12V
> 7	GND
> 8	GND
> 9	GND
> 10 	GND
> A1-i 	Red video
> A1-o 	Red video gnd
> A2-i 	Green video
> A2-o 	Green video gnd
> A3-i 	Blue video
> A3-o 	Blue video gnd

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