[rescue] NeXT & Sun Monitor

James Rice jrice54 at charter.net
Tue Jun 17 13:36:00 CDT 2003

The NeXT doesn't use sense signals at all.  Power is fed to a NeXT 
monochrome monitor only.  On a slab, the power leads stop at the sound 
box.  You have to have the sound box on a color slab to connect kb and 
mouse.  At the monitor, only the three coaxial cpins in a 13W3 are 
used.  One of my 21" NeXT-Hitachi mointors has the 3 bnc only connection 
and uses the NeXT BNC-13W3 adapter.  I've metered it out and none of the 
other pins in the adapter except the coaxial ones are connected to 
anything.  Does the Sun 20e20 support sync-on-green that the NeXT needs?


>before I kill my monitor, is it kosher to plug a sun 13w3 (gdm 20e20) 
>monitor into a NeXTstation turbo color?
>I know the NeXT carried power to the monitor, but wasn't sure if it 
>relied on sense signals. 

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