[rescue] A bit of Fun

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Jun 17 12:26:03 CDT 2003

Quoth Michael A. Turner ...

> For example I nominate Microsoft Bob for [Rescue list "worst of" list
category] number 3.

I've never seen Bob, but I just rescued an old Wintel machine that must have
had Bob on it at one time.  When it started up ("Windows 95 with USB
support", BFD) it complained that it couldn't find "BOB.DLL".  Given the age
of the machine, and some of the other files that were on it, it probably
came with Win3.1 along with other losers of the age like "Wow by

All moot now, though.  The magic smoke came out of the disk drive's
stepper-motor controller, so, even if it had had Bob, and I could have
resurrected it (and Win3.1) for historical purposes (and a good laugh), it's
now joined the bleedin' choir invisibile.

Justice served.


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