[rescue] Re: Landscaping with technology

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Tue Jun 17 02:51:27 CDT 2003

N. Miller wrote:
> One of the more industrious guys in the first line support team
> I started in at the juggernaut network company had a script to
> play Homer saying "DOH" around the bullpen's Sparcs (we all ran
> 'xhost +' back in the days before ssh).  We also used to spam
> each other with annoying X backgrounds.

Anyone remember NetBunny? My son Paul had it running around the computer
lab in his elementry school.

It was a MAC application that ran the Energizer Bunny across the screen.
It was controlled using a remote control panel and you could with one
click, get them to go across the room in order. 


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