[rescue] Perverse Question

Phil Schilling phils at gcstech.net
Mon Jun 16 23:01:50 CDT 2003

On 16 Jun 2003 22:45:29 -0500
Dan Sikorski <me at dansikorski.com> wrote:

> Well, just because i'm using an amd machine right at this moment,
> doesn't mean that i don't have a basement full of DEC, sun, sgi, hp
> pa-risc, and other machines here.  Last i knew, it was acceptable
> around here to have more than one machine.  :)
> Why is everyone here so edgy lately?

You can be an ass to me if that makes you feel good.[0]   I personally
don't lower myself to insults.  

If you want to reread the thread I believe that many of your questions
will be answered.  You personally stated:
> > Well, i guess i left out my smiley face.  If i joined that list, i'd
> > be a complete hypocrite, as I am using a amd machine to type this
> > email, and my job is entirely microsoft centric.

I nowhere in that quoted statement saw the references to your many
multi-architectured machines

[0] reference to the smiley face.


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