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Mike Johnson mike at enoch.org
Mon Jun 16 23:06:55 CDT 2003

N. Miller [vraptor at promessage.com] wrote:
> It would have been starting a tradition, though, so the manglers
> wouldn't allow it (the first had been some machine (I dunno what
> model--before my time), where they had a parking lot party and
> the users (engineers) got to take a whack at it with a baseball
> bat.

So, I started my job at my current place of employ a little over two
years ago.  On that day, the company had just recently (Friday of the
previous week) moved to new digs.  So, at some point towards the end of
the day, the VP of sales comes into the room and shouts 'grab a beer
from the fridge (yes, there was/is beer in the fridge) and come outside'
to everyone.  So, we all head outside (including me and another guy who 
started -on that day-), the VP has 'Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster'
blasting on his car stereo, and he pulls a fax machine out of the trunk.
Evidentally, this fax machine acted rather similarly to the poor device
tortured in Office Space.  So, he passes the baseball bat around and the
fax machine gets the ever living crap beaten out of it.  Pictures were
taken of this event, and they actually ended up as an Easter egg in our
first release.  Hell, the pictures are probably even in CVS somewhere...

This was my first day at this company.  It's been a strange trip.

"If life hands you lemons, YOU BLOW THOSE LEMONS TO BITS WITH 

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