[rescue] AXi-esque System

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 16 17:04:04 CDT 2003

Ken and List,
> The sleds for the internal drives - are they
> "normal" SUn Spuds (like
> in Ultra 1/2/etc...)?

Yup, tested it out myself.

> Do you know what the MB actually is in this box (I
> can't find a sun
> part number that doesn't relate to a 105 Meg Quantum
> HD)?

No idea either. Seems to be AXi-based.
> Are there any other cables that you might have
> pulled from this case?
> There is a 68 pin SCSI cable that goes to the HD
> "cage", but only a
> 2-3" cable for the other 3+1 (3x 3.5" and 1x 5.25")
> drives
> w/terminator...

When I installed a drive, I pulled the short stub
cable and put my own 68pin cable in which worked great
for Solaris 9 install.
> Do you know if there are one or two SCSI chains on
> board (w/o part
> number/manual, I can only guess)?

I believe two, check the dmesg and it seems to
indicate two.


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