[rescue] RS/6000 's ?? up for auction

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Mon Jun 16 08:37:18 CDT 2003

Ok I looked at the RS6000 that are in this picture


Starting with the box closest to the Camera

RS 6000 590 PowerServer  Model 7013-26-44648
RS 6000 590 PowerServer  Model 7013 26-44687
RS 6000 590 PowerServer  Model 7013 26-44586
then a lowly HP net Server (Pentium Pro)
RS 6000 58H PowerServer	Model 7013 26-49348
The next one is also a 58H but i didn't get the Model#

All of them have 1,2 or 3 SCSI cards. The 58H have tape drives and Cdroms
the 590 have cdroms/floppy

They will probably go for less than $25 a apiece (maybe a little more or 
little less)
Not a lot of 'nix rescuers show up at the auctions, those that do buy 
them for parts, etc.'
With the exception of myself, my brother and one or two others that know 
a little about
the unix server boxes, most go for the peecee stuff. Case in point I 
bought a Alpha server 2100
for $5 last month.

I am not sure I have any room left at my house for another beast, but if 
I can get
any of these for under $15 I'll get it. Unless someone really enlightens 
me on why I really need
this. LOL


Tom Ponsford

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