[rescue] Perverse Question

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Mon Jun 16 04:52:04 CDT 2003

mcguire at neurotica.com said:
>    It's time to let go of that.  I currently run no Sun4c or Sun4m
> machines in production.  I merely stated, repeatedly and correctly,
> that an SS2 (as a web server) is easily able to saturate any
> connectivity that anyone here is likely to have. 

It's finally hit me....

Yes, a SS2 as a web server can saturate any pipe anyone of us is likely to 
afford, but....

	- I suspect you think of a web server like this and mean "serving static 
pages", not running some dynamic backend or server-side include lashup like 
seems to be the rage today.  You might still achieve saturation, but not, I 
would suspect, with acceptable latency.

	- remember, a PC with an 8bit bic could saturate ethernet.  This did not 
meat it was useful while doing so.


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