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Monday, June 16, 2003, 3:41:31 AM, you wrote:

> We had a new girl start at work last week.  Once she was informed that i
> was in the IT dept. she naturally started asking me about her home Win32 
> PC issues, and i went into my, quick and to the point, speech stating 
> that i don't use Windows and couldn't really give an opinion on her 
> issues one way or another.  She then asked, "What else is there?  Do you 
> use DOS?".  I certainly don't expect your average person to be aware of 
> all the esoteric options available to the geeks of the world, but i 
> would have at least expected her to assume OSX or MacOS.  Microsoft 
> knows how to lead their sheep.

  actually "DOS" (meaning MS-DOS I guess) was a better item to name
  than MacOS/OSX. Every fool today knows about OSX but they won't use
  it because they can't run their games on the G3/G4. Still they'll
  use the Aqua Desktop theme...

  When a LUser still can name "DOS" (MS-DOS) I usually count that as a
  good sign.

  Sticking to the current OT-Topic: Is she cute? ;-)

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