[rescue] 13W3 to VGA adaptors

robert brooke gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Sun Jun 15 23:53:16 CDT 2003

anyone have a few spare 13W3 to VGA adaptors laying around? Picked up a 
GDM 20E20 from a guy locally for a song and now think it might be fun 
to hook up some boxen to a kvm.

BTW, this dude has what must be a metric ass-load of SS 20s and Sun 
monitors. I went to the warehouse to get the monitor and I've never 
seen so many workstations packed so high. He asked me if I wanted a 
pallet of sparcs. He's also got some interesting IBM gear as well, if 
anyone is local to Atlanta.

The dude trades on eBay as rawko. Usual disclaimer, only know him from 
my one and only transaction, etc.


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