[rescue] Re: HP K-class graphics card

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jun 15 23:44:33 CDT 2003

>>>  Hi Lads
>>>  My K570 just sprouted a head :-)
>>-snip -
>>>  This is the most gloriously silly thing I've ever seen on an HP 9000
>>server. I cannot imagine what market this part was produced for - has
>>anyone else ever seen one of these in a production environment?
>>I've heard of these, but never used (or seen) one.  I did get a quote
>>for one while putting together a K box a while ago.  Don't remember how
>>much it was though.
>>I think they marketed a K-box (K460-80) as a deskside workstation for
>>people who needed more cpus than any other workstation they offered
>>(which I don't think any others could do cpus > 2).
>>I suppose this is similar to putting a framebuffer in a L or N box
>>(which I'm pretty sure you can do), but I think the card is just a 
>>  framebuffer with no fancy graphics power.
>Hi Michael (and list)
>I think I know of the part you mention. It is the little framebuffer card that usually gets put in the spare HSC slot on the core I/O board. From what I remember, that is the basic EG level framebuffer. The card I have is a full blown 24-bit Visualize card with a GEO 3D accelerator on a daughter board. It is a very strange creature indeed.

I forgot to add that AFAIK HP doesn't officially support any PCI framebuffer card on their HP 9000 servers so L & N class must run headless. In fact some of the servers e.g. rp2430 (A class replacement) won't even boot if you put a framebuffer card in them. This is apparently to prevent people buying rp2430 boxes in lieu of the (considerably) more expensive workstations. 



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