[rescue] Perverse Question

KRM kevin at pipeline.com
Sun Jun 15 21:33:44 CDT 2003

Rob,  ...notice this is private not list, so don't hold back if need be.

I do maintain two Win32 servers at work that were in place when i 
arrived and i never made any statements to this list that i *actually* 
don't know anything about about Microsoft products.  That's just what i 
tell people who ask me about their PC problems.  It's a lot quicker and 
nicer than saying "The primary source of your problems are one, user 
ignorance and two, the fact that you are using fragile operating systems 
and software."  I learned a long time ago not to give out opinions to 
co-workers unless they become clients and even then only on very 
specific matters.

And to answer your question from earlier:

Which currently available-at-retail MS OS is more stable than Win2k?

I did not state that Win2K was or was not the best OS that MS has put 
out.  My position was that i do not consider it to be a "workable" OS.  
With the exclusion of one hardware related event (DPS PVR, and NT 3.5.1 
worked fine for it) I have yet to find myself in a situation where i 
needed to do something and could not find a method other than using a 
Microsoft product.  My objections to Microsoft are ethical as well as 
technical.  That means i can't allow myself to just prop it up because 
$craplication doesn't run under $nix.

Happy Fathers's Day.


Robert Novak wrote:

>On Sun, 15 Jun 2003, KRM wrote:
>>We had a new girl start at work last week.  Once she was informed that i
>>was in the IT dept. she naturally started asking me about her home Win32
>>PC issues, and i went into my, quick and to the point, speech stating
>>that i don't use Windows and couldn't really give an opinion on her
>>issues one way or another.  She then asked, "What else is there?  Do you
>>use DOS?".  I certainly don't expect your average person to be aware of
>>all the esoteric options available to the geeks of the world, but i
>>would have at least expected her to assume OSX or MacOS.  Microsoft
>>knows how to lead their sheep.
>I give a disclaimer before giving advice on post-P2 PC stuff, as well as
>before giving advice on non-work-related stuff, but at least I know the
>"competition" well enough to make recommendations on it.
>But it's been a while since I worked somewhere big enough that anyone in
>IT could get hired on without at least a fractional applied clue on ia32
>hardware. I think in today's IT world, it's just as bad to not be
>marginally competent with ia32 than to not be marginally competent with
>anything else.
> --Rob

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