[rescue] Perverse Question

Eric Josephson ericj at speakeasy.org
Sun Jun 15 20:51:39 CDT 2003

On Sun, 15 Jun 2003, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Sunday, June 15, 2003, at 08:15 PM, Eric Josephson wrote:
> > Sad.  Remember all the diversity of only ten years ago when it seemed
> > like x86 and microsoft were doomed?  Seems like we've lost that war
> > and we're experiencing the other side of the 'worse is better' scale
> > this time.
>    Someone once told me "it's a Windows world".  Funny...I live and
> breathe computers all day and all night long, and I don't use it.
>    It's all a matter of perspective...if all you use are x86 boxes, it's
> easy to think that's all there is in the computing world.  I don't
> think anyone in this forum, for example, is enough of a "sheep" to
> think the Internet runs on a bunch of PCs.

Sure, I can ignore it at home: just fire up the hppa-nextstep box and
do some time travel back to the 90s.

The trouble is if and when I find work again, I'll undoubtedly find
myself plopped in front of a wintel box for x hours/week.  Sure,
using wintel stresses me out, and programming it outright pisses
me off, but it beats being homeless and hungry.

I don't want to have to retreat to a sanctuary, what I want is for
something decent to win the struggle for a change.  In the early-mid
90s that seemed like it might actually happen.

It's good to hear from someone who has managed to avoid it.
I look forward to being in a situation where I can do that.

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