[rescue] SparcPlug Docco?

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Sun Jun 15 17:31:59 CDT 2003

lionel4287 at yahoo.com said:
>> Because this makes a Sparc out of a PC, my Karma should now be at
>> least neutral....

> Al, this would turn a drive enclosure into a SPARC - I think everyone
> here would agree that a PC is <> SCSI drive enclosure. ;^)


It is set up to go into a PC or Server cabinet.  The plug itself is 5.25 FH, 
and wants an ATX (I think, not positive hence the need for dox) PS 
connector; a PS came with mine.  The IO board is set up like a PC expansion 
card, but with no traces linking the card to the bus.  All the IO goes out 
the ass end of the card.


This one was less than $100, with a Ross HS proc (speed TBD), 128 MB of ram, 
a 2g HD, the ribbon cables and IO card.

I call that affordable...


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