[rescue] Perverse Question

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sun Jun 15 15:42:44 CDT 2003

   Robert Novak writes:

> There's nothing wrong with using what works for you.


> I suspect there are at least two people on this list who won't insult you
> for using certain platforms. Maybe there should be a safe haven list for
> people who don't want to be insulted at great length for such platforms.

  The fact that there are people on this list who use kit other than
x86, SPARC, and MIPS is testament to the fact that no one architecture
fits all possible needs.  Each has its place in the cosmic order of

   Of course now that we're headed down the rathole of a "microprocessor
monoculture" all that wonderful variety will eventually be lost.  Damn.

> [0] Yes, I'm being maliciously obnoxious for pointing this out. And yes,
> that is a black fly in my chardonnay. Thanks for asking.

   No, no, that's not a fly, that's extra protein.

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