[rescue] FS: 2u 300mhz, 256, 3xHME, AXi-type System

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 15 11:13:19 CDT 2003


The system arrived Friday, but I am confused about a few (minor)

The sleds for the internal drives - are they "normal" SUn Spuds (like
in Ultra 1/2/etc...)?

Do you know what the MB actually is in this box (I can't find a sun
part number that doesn't relate to a 105 Meg Quantum HD)?

Are there any other cables that you might have pulled from this case?
There is a 68 pin SCSI cable that goes to the HD "cage", but only a
2-3" cable for the other 3+1 (3x 3.5" and 1x 5.25") drives

Do you know if there are one or two SCSI chains on board (w/o part
number/manual, I can only guess)?

I have not powered it up (yet), but will soon (trying to clean out the
garage today)...


Lionel (Ken)

--- Michael Dombrowski <ab1244 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I've decided that, as much as I love it, I don't need
> my Sun clone system as I already have an Ultra 30 that
> is the same speed. Specs are as follows:
> -300mhz Processor, same kind as U5/10/AXi/etc
> -2x128mb Ram, same kind as AXi. 6 slots free
> -3x10/100 (HME) Network interfaces
> -2u rackmount case. _Very_ nice case with 2xSCA slots
> as well as internal 68pin SCSI with space for 4 more
> drives.
> -3xPCI slots
> -m64 Graphics with HD15 connector
> I believe that it also has IDE but don't quote me on
> that, if it really matters I'll check for you. Comes
> with a 7day warranty. I would like $225 plus shipping.
> Thanks
> Mike
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