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Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 14 19:07:24 CDT 2003

--- Dave McGuire <mcguire at qyx.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at 01:47 PM, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
> > A small 68k based lisp machine is something I want to do someday. 
> > A little memory, a simple SCSI interface, premptive-multitasking,
> > and VGA level graphics, except hopefully 24bit.
>    I would be very, very interested in doing the hardware side of
> this. Without the graphics, though, frankly.

I remember a long time ago, there was a write up of a 68000-based Unix
box that was going to be released for an estimated $600 - back before
Linux, when your choices were Real Unix at $,$$$ or Minix on an IBM

It never materialized, AFAIK, but that would have been a nice toy ;^)

(No, I don't want a UnixPC/AT&T 7300 - had several, but back then it
would have been cool)


"Nothing would please me more than being able to hire ten
programmers and deluge the hobby market with good software"
Bill Gates, in "An OpenLetter to Hobbyists" dated February 3, 1976

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