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Donald McClure donindigo2 at mac.com
Sat Jun 14 11:40:59 CDT 2003

On Saturday, June 14, 2003, at 12:25  PM, William Barnett-Lewis wrote:

> Scored a PowerMac 7600/132 and a Sony 15SF monitor for $15 each this
> morning. I'm especially glad to get the 7600 as my old Mac was a 6100
> that was noticably slow. The 132mhz 604 vs a 66mhz 601 is quite
> noticeable.
> If I get a G-3 card and a PCI video card (for sanity reasons), IIUC, I
> can convince OS X to run on this?
> Thanks,
> William



add lots of ram


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