[rescue] Coin Op Games- Need a home

Dan Canaan flinters at picarefy.com
Thu Jun 12 23:21:13 CDT 2003

Heyo folks.  Along with James B, I'll be moving out of our place at the end 
of the month and have to find homes for a lot of stuff.  I'll be able to 
keep a lot of the neat stuff, but some things like those Personal Irises 
just will have to go out.  I got a few replies earlier about those that 
wanted them, but then they disappeared and never replied after 
that.  Rats.  Time to take them to Goodwill or something.  I'm surprised 
nobody on the list wanted the SGI's seriously.

Anyways, I've also got several video arcade coinop games (RYGAR and GYRUSS) 
to find homes for.  I've put up a couple on Ebay at cheap rates.  No 
shipping/local pickup only- I just don't have time or resources to crate up 
full sized coinops.


If you're interested, that's the place to go.  If not... well, enjoy the 
day. : )
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