[rescue] First steps on "new" rs6000?

dave venable venabledavid at qwest.net
Thu Jun 12 20:30:50 CDT 2003

I have an IBM 6611-170 PowerPC router. It has several cards and ram in
it. I am going to part this out and get rid of the case, unless, someone
wants to pay shipping for it. I will strip out all removable cards and
parts and ship them to you in exchange for Sun ?????????????  

The cards are Micro channel, (I think) and full length

1 ea Memory card with 8 simms
2 ea cards with a large connector, looks like a high density serial,
they have 512k Portmaster stamped on them.
1 ea card with some SCSI connectors on it
1 ea card that looks like a Token ring 
1 ea card that looks like it has 2 DB 25 connectors on it

Any interest?


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