[rescue] Mac rescue

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Thu Jun 12 14:15:47 CDT 2003

On Thursday, June 12, 2003, at 10:59 AM, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> Oh, in that case, they probably wouldn't make a good first Macintosh.
> They have 603e CPUs, probably without any L2 cache.  The do have
> integrated Ethernet, but it's probably via AAUI port, so you'd need a
> RJ45 dongle.  They will only run up to MacOS 8.0.  The internal drives
> are IDE, so they can be expanded fairly cheaply.  They should have TV
> tuners built-in, and may also have DOS compatibility cards (a PC on
> a PCI card).
This isn't quite true 100%.

Powermac 5260 came in two flavors... 5260/100 and 5260/120.  These were 
PPC 603e's at 100 and 120 Mhz respectively.  They use a 64-bit address 
bus 16MB DRAM minimum up to 64 MB max using 72 pin 80 ns SIMMs, 1MB of 
onboard Video framebuffer, a 4MB ROM, 256 K Level 2 Cache, 1.4MB floppy 
manual insert, and came with either an 800MB, a 1.2GB, or a 1.6GB IDE 
hard drive.  The 5260/100 came with an Apple 600i CD, and the 5260/120 
and 5280 came with a 1200i.  All other standard external IO (ADB, 
Serial, etc.)  The motherboard has one 60 pin video in slot for an 
expansion card providing realtime video display, capture, and overlay.  
One 10 pin port for a TV-tuner card.  The infamous comm slot for 
performa modem's or ethernet card (68040-bus config).  One PDS slot for 
LC-compatible pds card.  Sound is 16 bit stereo, max resolution is 
800x600 at 72Hz.

All PowerPC's will run up to MacOS 9.1.2 including the 601 based 
machines (which are dog slow at it).

The Powermac 5400 came in four speeds (5400/120, 5400/160, 5400/180, 
These are also 603e's  The 120 had 8MB soldered on-board expandable to 
136MB in two JEDEC standard DIMM slots (5V) 70ns 2K refresh rate.  The 
180 came with 8 or 16MB soldered on... same expansion.  The 160 came 
with 16MB so / same exp.  the 200 came with 24 or 32MB with 8 of it 
soldered on... same expansion options.  5400's came with 1MB DRAM for 
video... 4MB ROM, and an optional 256K level 2 cache on a DIMM card.  
CD-ROM was mainly 12X, and the drives 1.2 or 1.6 GB IDE.  S

Standard external IO with the addition of a PCI slot for 7 inch cards 
that is PCI 2.0 compliant.  Max resolution is 800x600 at 72Hz 16 bit.

If any of the machines are 5500's, these are significantly better 


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