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Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Thu Jun 12 14:03:45 CDT 2003

Robert Novak <rnovak at indyramp.com> wrote:
> He said, or at least you quoted, "historic"... which I think "no longer
> sold by the vendor or supported natively on the hardware currently sold by
> the vendor" would qualify for. I'd put SunOS 4 on the same category, as
> you can't (easily, if at all) buy the OS or hardware to run it on from the
> company that made the OS and the hardware, despite the fact that it will
> still run and you can still get the OS and the hardware to run it on from
> third parties (and maybe from SME?).

I mis-quoted.  I still stand by my questions.  I don't think OS8 is

> He also said, or at least you quoted, "pre-OSX"... I don't think anyone
> will suggest that OS8 came after OSX at least in market/sales terms (maybe
> someone here got a copy of OS8 after they got OSX, but that doesn't count
> for historical analysis really). Since it came before OSX, it qualifies as
> pre-OSX. Or so I believe.

Fine.  I guess.  Pick many nits lately?

> I just went and looked at the original post, to be sure. He never said
> pre-historic. His point is valid--they are "not terribly useful unless you
> are into historic pre-OSX apple operating systems."

Why did you post this?  I mis-quoted and misunderstood the post.  I don't
see why you've got to jumpo in here and point out my flaws - of which I have
some and am painfully aware.  I sure don't need you coming along and showing
me my hand.

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