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James Denton buster at swt.edu
Thu Jun 12 11:02:22 CDT 2003

The 5400 series is decent for MacOS 8.x and 9.0, especially when you max out
the ram. It has two 168pin FPM DIMM slots, each capable of holding a 64mb
DIMM, and 8mb on-board, which will let you boot a system without extensions

It does have a built-in monitor, which is basically the plagued Apple
MultiScan 15". It has an L1 cache of 256k (128k data, 128k instruction), a
small IDE hard drive (PIO 4 max), and should have a SCSI cd-rom. It's
cousin, the 6400 tower, has SCSI expansion internally and externally on the
same bus. The 5400 probably only has external scsi. Speeds range from
120mhz, 180mhz or 200mhz.

G3 upgrades for the machine are relatively inexpensive, certainly under $75
for a 240/250mhz G3, and maybe the same for a 300mhz G3. The card fits into
the L2 cache dimm slot.

If you're into masochism, it is probable that you can install MacOS X 10.1.5
on this machine. Others have it working on the 6400/6500 series. There isn't
much internal difference between the 5400 and 6400. http://www.zone6400.com
has more info on that.


On 6/12/03 10:09 AM, "John Ruschmeyer" <jruschme at comcast.net> wrote:

> A good place to look is the LowEndMac site (http://www.lowendmac.com).
> IIRC, we are talking about 5400s and 5260s. If you can get a 5400, go for
> it. It is a decent first-generation PCI-based Mac. It is upgradeable to a G3
> via the L2 cache slot. Besides the classic MacOS, it should also run
> LinuxPPC nicely (assuming enough memory/disk).
> OTOH, the 5260 is considered a "Road Apple" because of a very convoluted
> architecture (see the description on LEM). Some people like them, but figure
> on running only the classic MacOS with some performance limitations.
> Either way, if you get one, try and pick up a TV/Video system for it (TV
> tuner, remote and AV ports). They are fairly cheap on ebay, but are a really
> neat addition to this series of hardware.
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>> No, I was looking more for advice and information. I've never paid
>> much attention to Macintosh, sticking pretty much to PeeCees simply
>> because that's what all my employers have used (not counting the
>> years Before PC, and yes, I was around then -- don't let my emotional
>> immaturity fool you). However, I might be interested in picking up
>> one (or more) of these machines, if they're worthwhile.
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