[rescue] Cheap(?) USII 360Mhz CPU

Kurt Mosiejczuk kurt at csh.rit.edu
Thu Jun 12 10:33:41 CDT 2003

I'm seeing 501-4249 and 501-4178.

Looks like I should try picking up a U30 or U60 base if I can.

Told my buddy about my U2 and he was talking about setting me
up with a free creator card... unfortunately it would come
from a U10 system and wouldn't fit my U2 =(


On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> With part numbers this could be answered... ;^)

> 250's are fine little processors (for say an Ultra 30/60), esp. at
> $20-30/ea, IMHO...

> --- Kurt Mosiejczuk <kurt at csh.rit.edu> wrote:

> > Anyone know anything on if the 250Mhz CPUs going for about $20 will
> > work in a U2?  There seem to be a good number of them on ebay, but
> > they are pretty much all listed as Ex000 pulls...

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