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Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Jun 12 09:59:41 CDT 2003

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Jeffrey J. Nonken wrote:

> No, I was looking more for advice and information. I've never paid
> much attention to Macintosh, sticking pretty much to PeeCees simply
> because that's what all my employers have used (not counting the
> years Before PC, and yes, I was around then -- don't let my emotional
> immaturity fool you). However, I might be interested in picking up
> one (or more) of these machines, if they're worthwhile.

Oh, in that case, they probably wouldn't make a good first Macintosh.
They have 603e CPUs, probably without any L2 cache.  The do have
integrated Ethernet, but it's probably via AAUI port, so you'd need a
RJ45 dongle.  They will only run up to MacOS 8.0.  The internal drives
are IDE, so they can be expanded fairly cheaply.  They should have TV
tuners built-in, and may also have DOS compatibility cards (a PC on
a PCI card).

The 5260 isn't worth the effort, really.  The 5400 is slightly better in
that it has a PCI slot instead of an LC slot.  The 5400 also will accept
more than 64MB of memory, which is the 5260's maximum.

If you want to pick one up, go ahead, but don't expect it to be a speed
demon by any stretch of the imagination.  These machines were
manufactured while Apple had a very strong "stick it to the schools"
mentality that I never understood.  They marketed really really low-end
systems to schools and would let schools purchase ONLY those machines
if they went through an Apple-Authorized Reseller.  If a school wanted
anything better, they had to buy retail.  This attitude (which Apple
ditched -really- quickly after Jobs came back) is probably the reason
the school is switching to PCs, anyway.

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