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Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Thu Jun 12 08:53:17 CDT 2003

"Jeffrey J. Nonken" <jeff_work at nonken.net> wrote:

> Dear Parent/Guardian:
> At the conclusion of this school year the district will be retiring
> many of our old Macintosh computers in service in our elementary
> schools. New PC's will be installed in our elementary computer labs
> and upper grade classrooms this summer. The models being retired are
> 5260 and 5400 All-in-One Mac's that have been in service for seven or
> more years. Many of these computers remain in good working order but
> are no longer able to operate the software that we use on our school
> network. The district will give awa some of these computers that
> remain in working order with the original software bundle that came
> with the computer to district families on a first come, first serve
> basis. If you have an interest in acquiring one of these computers

Grab as many as you can?

Oh, wait!  You meant on the fact that they're going from Mac to PeeCee.  I
just went from PeeCee to Mac, and I ain't looking back.  I read in the Apple
Store, when I bought my iBook, that some (or all?) school districts in Maine
are giving iBooks to kids when they reach 7th grade.  My kids are getting
Apples any day now - as soon as I construct a place to put them (not in
their rooms - they're too young for that still).  They'll also have some
exposure to Windows - so they're not lost when it comes to that OS.  They'll
also have experience with all the UNIX that I can show them.  Then, when the
time comes, they make an informed decision about what OS/platform they want
to use for what purpose.

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