[rescue] Is this machine worth a rescue? (Tales from the dumpster)

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Wed Jun 11 15:50:08 CDT 2003

The power supply is fine. Everything above the CPU did never touch wather.
There is just dirt halfway true the CPU. everything Over that line looks
Everything under it looks just nasty. I got most of the slime off it and got
half of the corrosion off the board. The cpu lost it's cooling cap's on top
of the
little chip's so I would have to reattach those. For the processor it looks
like it
is a UltraSPARC IIi 360mhz module. It had an Adaptec 2940 Diff/SCSI card
but I dont know if I should even use that one. I allready had one adaptec
that had the zap of death and killed a few machines to unfixable. Well I'm
to clean it off more later on and try some more anti-corrodant and carefully
use a brush to clean the stuff off...

> > For free I mean I definately will give it a shot. I will try contact
> > cleaner maybe for the whole mainboard :-) Going to head over to the
> > electronics store now.
> Just a thought - is there enough salvageable parts that were (gasp)
> above the water line to justify *never* trying the system as a whole?
> You might fry a perfectly good CPU/RAM with a damaged power supply...
> As I said, just a thought... (BTW, what is the CPU/RAM/HD/etc?)

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