[rescue] Is this machine worth a rescue? (Tales from the dumpster)

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Wed Jun 11 09:38:22 CDT 2003


So yesterday I pulled this Sun Ultra 10 out of a dumpster. To find out it was
sitting in there maybe 2-3 weeks halfway to the processor filled with wather.
You can imagine how the machine looked like especially as the wather was
deep brown and stinky. So I took a gardenhose to the machine to get rid of
the dirt that was stuck on the board and the machine is now out in the sun
to get dried. I noticed today that there is still lot's of brown substance on
circuit board and I might end up taking a toothbrush to it after it is dry to
the stuff off. Anyone had luck rescuing a machine out of a wather befor? Any
hints on how to handle the circuitboard and cpu.

Also there was a 8 CD Duplication station that was also filled with wather
so I dont know what's up with that one. I definatly will give that one a try
get clean again too but I'm sure the laser's of the writer's are damaged if
brown substance got on it.


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