[rescue] Re: Sequent NUMA-Q 2000

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jun 10 20:05:15 CDT 2003

>I could probably hook you up with some email addrs of guys that did Dynix 
>stuff, if you were curious for more details... personally, though, that's 
>a hell of a lot of hardware for just four PPros.  (Said the guy with a 
>4200W 8-way 60Mhz Sparc... uh... :-)

Yep - totally overspeced for the job it was doing. The entire Sequent enterpise rack houses a single quad. There a lot of these boxes around at the moment. I know that a component stripping firm in town got some Xeon-II and Xeon-III based systems for free (they had to pay for the removal and shipping costs).

>> [1] System is at a managed hosting centre and I've been asked to dispose
>> of it.
>Well, what would the BOFH do?  1.  Unplug cords.  2.  Remove several floor
>tiles.  3.  Push.  4.  Replace tiles.  Hee hee. :-)

In this particular site it would be much easier than that. You could just move the rack to the other side of the room and nobody would ever find it. Their machine floor room is 4000 square feet, plus there's a development cage that that is probably 400 square feet. For a small country like NZ that's a pretty darn big machine room.



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