[rescue] Sequent NUMA-Q 2000

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jun 10 17:28:33 CDT 2003

Hi Lads

I've got an opportunity to rescue[1] what I think is a complete Sequent NUMA-Q 2000 system. I've done an audit and it is a very basic system with a single PPro quad, 2GB of RAM, and a stack of FC-AL options (it was connected to a separate EMC array). In its previous life it was a glorified fileserver that managed the NZ driver licensing databases.

I say I think it is complete because although the system rack is complete & original, I've heard that a seperate NT front end is required to boot Dynix/PTX on the NUMA-Q machines. Is this correct? The Dynix/PTX operating image is apparently intact on this system.

Given the low hardware configuration and lack of documentation or vendor support, is this system of sufficient architectural significance to preserve? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



[1] System is at a managed hosting centre and I've been asked to dispose of it.

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